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Heat is lost through
  • Ceilings 35-40%,
  • Walls 25-35%,
  • Windows 15- 20% and
  • Floors. 10%
  • Windows and doors causing draughts 5%


Ceilings 35-40% - Insulating your ceiling will make it easier to heat your home, increasing your energy efficiency while your heating is on.


Walls 25-35% - Once you have insulated your ceiling the majority of your heat loss will now be through the walls. In a standard 3 bedroom home of 100m2 there is approximately 70m2 of Walls.


Windows – 15-20% - When building a new home it is ideal to install double gazing, however in an existing home it is more cost effective to have good curtain coverings.


Underfloor- 10-15% - Sustainability options for Retrofitting New Zealand Houses revealed that on average the temperature in a house with only Ceiling and Underfloor insulation was less than 0.8 degrees higher than a house with no Insulation.

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“Was your home built before 1991?”

All homes built after 1991 were required to have fitted wall insulation under the New Zealand Building Act.

Most homes built before 1991 have little or no wall insulation. That is approximately 2 out of every 3 New Zealand homes with little or no wall insulation.

Insulation is required by the New Zealand Building Code on all homes built after 1991 because it is proven to give you a warmer, drier, quieter, more energy efficient and healthier home.

Stay Warmer, Drier and Healthier in your home all year around.  Insulation isn’t just about warming your house in Winter, it’s about keeping it cool in Summer too. Proven energy savings of up to 31% after having ThermoWall installed in your house!


Unlike loose fill insulation products on the market, we are New Zealand Building Code Compliant to insulate Brick, Weatherboard and Fibrolite houses from both the outside and the inside, with or without building paper.


Are you renovating or painting?  Before you do that, talk to us about how insulating your existing home with ThermoWall wall insulation now will save you money.  The best time to fix what's inside your walls, is before you redo what's on the outside of your walls!

If your home was built before 1991, chances are your home has no wall insulation!

ThermoWall wall insulation is a high performing foam insulation system specifically designed for insulating wall cavities in existing homes.

ThermoWall Insulation Benefits:

  • A warmer, drier, healthier home with more even temperatures all year round.
  • Helps reduce dampness and mould.
  • Shuts out drafts while allowing walls to breathe
  • Superior energy efficiency.
  • Reduced heating bills.
  • Superior noise insulation.
  • Inhibits insects and rodents.
  • Potential increase in resale value.
  • Non-toxic and fully guaranteed.
  • Will not slump or sag over time.

No fuss ThermoWall insulation in 1-2 days for different home styles 
The ThermoWall insulation system is simple to install and takes only 1-2 days depending on the size of your home. There is no need to remove interior linings or exterior panels. Our highly efficient ThermoWall insulation is injected into the wall through carefully placed holes. Read more about how ThermoWall insulation works here.
ThermoWall is suitable for most types of home construction, including stucco, weatherboard and similar claddings.  See if ThermoWall insulation is right for your home.


ThermoWall insulation for a warmer, drier, healthier home
ThermoWall has been successfully installed in New Zealand homes for over 30 years.  Our wall insulation system is purpose-made for insulating existing homes, will not slump over time, and is NZ Building Code compliant.   
Talk to one of our licensed ThermoWall  insulation system owner-operators of the  in your area, who will be able to assess and price your home for insulating with ThermoWall.