Heat is lost through
  • Ceilings 35-40%,
  • Walls 25-35%,
  • Windows 15- 20% and
  • Floors. 10%
  • Windows and doors causing draughts 5%


Ceilings 35-40% - Insulating your ceiling will make it easier to heat your home, increasing your energy efficiency while your heating is on.


Walls 25-35% - Once you have insulated your ceiling the majority of your heat loss will now be through the walls. In a standard 3 bedroom home of 100m2 there is approximately 70m2 of Walls.


Windows – 15-20% - When building a new home it is ideal to install double gazing, however in an existing home it is more cost effective to have good curtain coverings.


Underfloor- 10-15% - Sustainability options for Retrofitting New Zealand Houses revealed that on average the temperature in a house with only Ceiling and Underfloor insulation was less than 0.8 degrees higher than a house with no Insulation.

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“Was your home built before 1991?”

All homes built after 1991 were required to have fitted wall insulation under the New Zealand Building Act.

Most homes built before 1991 have little or no wall insulation. That is approximately 2 out of every 3 New Zealand homes with little or no wall insulation.

Insulation is required by the New Zealand Building Code on all homes built after 1991 because it is proven to give you a warmer, drier, quieter, more energy efficient and healthier home.

The benefits of having a well insulated home

  • A warm, dry home is a healthy home.
  • Your home will become more comfortable, warmer in the winter, cooler in the summer.
  • You are better able to cope with rises in fuel and power costs.
  • You will save money on energy bills.

Insulation is the most important item you can fit to your home to create a warm, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient environment.


ThermoWall is the only insulation designed specifically for insulating existing wall cavities and carries a successful installation track record exceeding 32 years in the New Zealand market. Consider the total area of your outside walls and it’s not surprising that the heat loss through the walls in a typical house is greater than through the windows and floors combined. Even if you have your ceiling insulated, the heat inside your home simply finds the next easiest exit to escape. When insulating your house it is important to have a holistic approach. Think of a chilli-bin for example, if only the lid or walls were insulated, it would not work effectively.
ThermoWall’s properties include…

  • Guaranteed for 15 YEARS
  • Sound deadening
  • Fire resistant
  • Non toxic
  • Shuts out draughts whilst allowing walls to breathe
  • Reduces mildew and dampness and adds longevity to painted and papered wall surfaces
  • Requires no maintanence and goes on working year after year
  • Inhibits insects, borer and rodents
  • Once cured ThermoWall will not slump or sag within the wall cavity