How it works



PREPARATIONWithin 10 days of receiving your building consent your installer's first action is to prepare your home for the injection of ThermoWall. Work can be done either internally or externally with little fuss, noise or mess.
INJECTIONThe ThermoWall is injected into each cavity space. It has the consistency of aerosol shaving cream and flows into the cracks and crevices. Installation takes 1-2days for the average sized home.
THERMOWALL SETSHeatsavers use a modified amino plastic foam containing millions of tiny air cells. Within minutes of injecting ThermoWall into the wall cavity it sets to form a firm resilient filling, which minimises air circulation within the wall cavity, preventing drafts and heat loss.
CLEAN UPIn weatherboard or similar claddings, injection holes are then filled using a custom made 2 filler. This forms a plug which is then sanded flush and painted with a coat of oil based primer.
COMPLETIONYou will notice several differences immediately after ThermoWall has been installed including the ability to retain warmth, increase dryness, providing you with a healthier home.


Will not slump or sag over time.
Shuts out drafts whilst allowing walls to breathe.
Inhibits insects and rodents and treats the home or borer.
Sound Dampening properties.
Reduces mould and dampness.
Fire resistant and non toxic; ThermoWall is a modified amino plastic foam.