"We wish to highly recommend Heatsavers for installing the foam in the walls of our house, it has been very successful and we have found that our house is a lot warmer .  It also has dropped our gas bill as we have under floor heating. We also found that the workman that installed the foam were very professional and left the work area very clean." - B & L Wellington

"Excellent service. We now don't have to turn our heatpump on at 3:30pm! Sometimes the house is still that warm that we don't have to turn it on, and if we do we end up turning it off again as the house heats up really fast and stays warm" - ZW Palmerston North

"We have gone from a warm lounge, to a warm home. The heat spreads throughout the whole house. Just amazing! Less firewood provides us with more heat." - RE Rangiotu

"Complete professionalism throughout the introduction, the installation and the completion of the job in filling the holes and cleanup. Highly recommended." - D&E Levin

"Mike and the team were great. Excellent communication. Explained process very well. Very friendly, very professional." - PP Wanganui

"Our family had enough of being cold over the last few winters. Having ThermoWall installed in our walls means we don't have to turn the heaters on, even on those colder mornings. Our heating bills are almost half of what they were last year. Our home is much warmer, quieter and easier to heat" - LM Feilding

“Whatever the team said they would do, they did. They were prompt, courteous & willing to go the extra mile. I was very pleasantly surprised at the pleasantness, professionalism & dependability we were shown. In our case the weather improved as the installation was being performed, but the results so far are pleasing.”  - MW Palmerston North

"Friendly team who did a great job. Now we have the much warmer cosy home that we always wanted" - LR Wanganui

“Taranaki HeatSavers provided a great service with a very enthusiastic attitude and professional manor. Since we have had the ThermoWall installed, our house is now much warmer and quieter. Both our children, who suffer from mild asthma, have come through the winter period well with their asthma and have not bee ill for the whole winter period. Our house is very much cosier and we extend our thanks to the HeatSavers Taranaki team” - J & G Opunake

"The difference in our house is magnificent. People keep commenting and asking questions and wanting to know how we keep our house warm. We are getting up in the morning with no heating and the house in the morning is 14 degrees. When we go out at night and turn the gas heater off it is still 18 degrees when we come home 3 hours later. The best thing we have done. Cheers and feel free to recommend us anytime" - D & J Taranaki

"Our dining room has been up to 24.5 deg which is fantastic. The rest of the home is noticeably warmer" - C & K Taranaki

“The big difference is when the sun warms the house during the day, the temperature climbs to a comfortable level and is maintained until well into the evening. When we do use our small heaters the room temperature increase is noticeably quicker and easier to maintain” - EM Tauranga

“We are writing to say a warm thank you for making our everyday living so much more comfortable. We would also like to add that we found HeatSavers (the Company) offer a very efficient and tidy operation” - GD Auckland

"We are using less heating as the warmth stays around longer and many draughts have gone. An unexpected consequence has been 
a change in the sound of the house, which feels more enclosed and has lost its hollow sound. Our thanks to you for a good job done quickly and efficiently" - M & E Auckland