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Keep your family warm, dry and healthy with ThermoWall Foam Insulation by HeatSavers.

ThermoWall Insulation

ThermoWall is a water based, non-toxic open cell breathable, non-expanding injectable foam insulation product for existing walls, ceilings and subfloors. 

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Installation Process

HeatSavers is a team of highly dedicated licensed installers who are passionate, reliable, committed professionals. We’re building code compliant and look after everything for you.

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Environmentally Friendly

HeatSavers only uses environmentally proven water based foams that can safely be disposed of in your garden or in landfill. All foam residue can be washed away with water.

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Benefits of ThermoWall Insulation

A warmer, drier, healthier home
Helps reduce dampness and mould
Shuts out drafts while allowing walls to breathe
Superior energy efficiency
Reduced heating bills
Top up over old fibre insulation
Superior noise insulation
Inhibits insects and rodents
Potential increase in resale value
Non-toxic and fully guaranteed
Will not slump or sag over time
Fire resistant 

Stay Warmer, Drier and Healthier 

Stay warmer, drier and healthier in your home all year round!

Insulation isn’t just about warming your house in Winter, it’s about keeping it cool in Summer too. Why have ThermoWall installed in your home? Unlike loose fill fibre glass insulation products on the market.

HeatSavers uses New Zealand’s only water based non-toxic environmentally friendly foam that has been insulating homes around the world since the 1950’s and New Zealand homes for over 30 years.

HeatSavers brings you ThermoWall insulation that is the most technically advanced injected foam insulation on the market today. ThermoWall insulation will not slump or sag over time in the wall cavity. It will not absorb or hold moisture, it will not burn or affect electrical wiring or plumbing. 

ThermoWall meets Building Code standards to insulate Brick, Weatherboard, Stucco and Fibrolite houses from both the outside and the inside, with or without building paper. ThermoWall insulation has some of the highest R-values for insulation on the market today.

If you are going to retrofit insulation into an older home , do it once and do it right with ThermoWall insulation from HeatSavers.

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