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How warm, healthy and cost efficient is your home?

Does your home have dampness or moisture problems?

Condensation, moisture and mould are all too common in NZ homes. About 30% of our homes suffer from problems associated with moisture internally. In a large number  of these houses, dehumidifiers and ventilation systems are used to fix the symptoms of  the problem, but not the source of the problem itself. Dampness makes rooms unhealthy to live in. In a lot     of cases though, it is also a problem that is relatively cheap and easy to identify  and fix.

Warm, healthy and cost efficient home chart

Where is there adequate insulation in your home?

Good insulation makes a big difference to a home’s warmth, comfort and health. Unfortunately, many of our homes have inadequate ceiling and underfloor insulation – so it pays to check whether your insulation is doing what it should

How efficient is your heater?

There are lots of heating options for homes, but using the right kind of energy efficient heater for your circumstances will mean that you can keep your home warm, healthy and comfortable to live in while keeping running costs low. An energy efficient heating system can also help our environment by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution.

How do you use your heater?

Efficient heating means more than just having a good heater. It’s also about having a well insulated house and using your heaters wisely.

What is the ventilation in your home like?

It is important to keep your home adequately ventilated – to maintain air quality and remove moisture for a healthy indoor environment. As you improve air tightness, your home will become easier to heat. However this improved air tightness means it’s even more important to make sure you have good ventilation.

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