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Planning renovations? Now’s the ideal time to Insulate

Right now we’re enjoying the blue skies and balmy days when we get them… but sure as Summer’s coming… we’ll all be digging out those fans soon enough. That’s why now’s a great time to insulate.

Insulation isn’t just about warming your house, it’s about keeping it cool too. “When you have underfloor, ceiling and wall insulation it works like a chilly bin – your home stays warmer in Winter and cooler in Summer” – HeatSavers.


During Spring and Summer is where we Kiwis tend to tackle the maintenance jobs. So now really is a great time to get your insulation in place. The beauty of HeatSavers foam insulation is that there’s very little mess and it can often be completed in just over a day.

“We can install our foam insulation from the inside or the outside of your home. Outside is what most people prefer because then we’re not under foot. Whichever way you want it; we’re tidy, efficient and thorough. We drill small 16mm holes, inject the foam, reseal the hole, and paint it for a seamless result”

“There’s just no equivalent – we’re the only company currently approved under the NZ Building Code to retrofit insulation into the walls of existing brick houses without removing wall linings – that’s how good the product is. Of course, we work with all types of property using the same high standard of work”.

“We do a thorough inspection of your home to make sure it’s suitable for our insulation, and by far the most are… Sometimes we pick up on maintenance issues while we’re having a good look around and of course, we let you know – That inspection is free and unconditional; we just need to know that your home is suitable, and calculate the quantity of product to use”

“We’ve lost count of the number of times clients have said that… and that they only wished they’d done it sooner! The fact is, once their home is properly insulated the ventilation system or pump can finally do its job”.

“People invest a lot of money in machines; heat pumps and ventilation systems. You can understand why… it does seem like the solution. But the reality is the machines can’t properly do the job unless the insulation is properly in place. For us, it’s about getting the basics right so the machines can deliver.”

“Cost is an important factor for home owners – Our process is a third to a quarter of the cost using traditional insulation methods … without all the dust and mess, and your current wall linings going to landfill. We offer terrific finance options too which make insulating very affordable now. And because we all understand the benefits of a properly insulated home – you can expect to see an increase in property values too”.

“The cost savings on heating and cooling are 24/7, pretty much from the moment we leave your home. It’s not just that you won’t need to use your heat pumps or ventilation is that they’ll work effectively now. That’s gives you a huge saving on power and gas – and even better, a properly comfortable home in Summer and Winter” – HeatSavers.

If you’d like to find out more about insulation your home, contact HeatSavers for a free, no-obligation quotation. For health, wealth and well-being, it’s an investment well worth checking out.

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