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Trusted Tradies – What You Should Expect

We trust our Tradies right? It turns out not so much. If you’re a fan of DIY shows you’ll know how much those teams rely on their Tradies. You’ll also know how quickly the ‘water cooler’ notices if one of them isn’t pulling their weight.

“We’re fairly quick to turn on our Tradies – And why wouldn’t we be? We’re spending good money for a quality job, and we’re all too aware of the horror stories. None of us want to be the patsy, and so trust in the relationship is vital.”

“Looking after the customer is number one. At its most basic, that’s turn up on time, do as you say you will and leave the place tidy. But that’s the just starting point.”


“I say to the guys, if you’re on the way home from a job and you think of something you could have done better, then go back and do it. Whether that’s as simple as to hose off the driveway, do it. Nobody’s ever been put out by our guys turning back up – in fact they’re usually really impressed.”

“When we’re first at a home assessing it for insulation, our job is to give the customer our best advice. Often they’re amazed if we’re not the top of that list. We might be telling you that you should get your ceiling insulated properly first, or you need to fix some weatherboards. We know our part, and the benefits it brings; but we’re here to help you find a total solution not just sell ours”.

“For example, in older 50’s-60’s homes, windows are around 25% of the wall space; in newer 80’s-90’s builds that can be 30-50%. So window treatments can help. Timber framing around walls and doors often leads to insulating gaps – we can readily fix that. But to be fair it’s not windows that are the problem with heat escaping… it’s the walls themselves. And the cost of insulating that 75% with us is a lot lower than for example, retrofitting double glazing into that smaller 25% which is windows.”

That home assessment service is entirely free.

“It’s an important part of the process. We need to be sure that your home is suitable for our insulation so if we’re seeing problems, we let you know. A lot of our guys have a background in building which helps. But the best part is when people tell us their HRV system or Heatpump now actually works properly. You can have all the technology in place… but we still make a massive difference. And we take pride in doing it right”.

“If we’re insulating from the outside, then we’re talking about uniformly putting 25mm holes in the weatherboards, into three or four boards. Then we use marine filler, sand and prime, and then paint the whole board, not just the spots. Home owners can provide the paint, or we’ll match it. And we tidy up after ourselves – properly; if that means sweeping the whole driveway, we do it. And we’re done most often, in a day and a half.”

“I did a job at a student flat in Hamilton – insulating the walls. They couldn’t get over how green the whole process was. We turned up, did the job and took away half a vacuum cleaner full of waste. They were comparing that to removing the Gib and all that kind of mess. Perhaps that’s just the younger generation. But yeah, we leave a property tidier than we find it”.

“It’s that old Kiwi approach to tourism. You know, ‘take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints’. That’s the way we operate. We never forget we’re in people’s homes. It’s their private space. We just treat it with respect” – HeatSavers.

If you’d like to find out more about insulation your home, contact HeatSavers for a free, no-obligation quotation. For health, wealth and well-being, we’re the team to trust.

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