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Why Insulate?

Ensure your house is warm, healthy and dry.

Why insulate your home?

Insulation is the most important item you can fit to your home to create a warm, comfortable, healthy and energy efficient environment.

Due to the fact that air can move freely in any direction, having the right insulation is crucial for your walls, ceiling, floors and roof. This helps prevent air from using any avenue to enter or leave your house.

Insulating will make your home:

Warmer – within a matter of days you can transform your house into a cosy home
Drier – significantly reduces condensation and reduces mould and dampness
Quieter – once ThermoWall is installed you should notice it is significantly quieter
Healthier – create a healthier environment for your family
More Energy Efficient – save on your home’s heating and cooling costs

ThermoWall’s properties include…

Guaranteed for 50 YEARS
Sound deadening
Fire resistant
Inhibits insects, borer and rodents
Shuts out draughts whilst allowing walls to breathe
Sound dampening properties
Has no effect on electrical wiring or plumbing
Reduces mildew and dampness and adds longevity to painted and papered wall surfaces
Requires no maintanence and goes on working year after year
Once cured ThermoWall will not slump or sag within the wall cavity
Non Toxic
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