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Installation Process

A sophisticated method of insulation that our clients love!

HeatSavers has developed over the last 30 years a simplistic retrofit insulation method that our customers love.

It has been developed by engineers and builders for New Zealand built homes .It includes an intricate process which includes injecting our ThermoWall Foam into existing walls, ceilings and subfloors without the need to tear them down.

Building code compliant HeatSavers looks after everything for you.

HeatSavers Insulation Experts Van

The installation process of insulation is as follows:

Step 1


Preparations include inspections of the current property, creating the cavities in which ThermoWall will be injected, etc. This process usually does not take too long, and the work can be done either internally or externally with little fuss, noise or mess.

Step 2


Once all the necessary preparations are complete and everything is in order, we start the process of injecting the ThermoWall into each cavity space. The ThermoWall injection has the consistency of shaving cream and flows into the cracks and crevices and fills to the hollows inside the walls. This injecting of ThermoWall can take up to 1-2 days for the average sized home.

Step 3

ThermoWall Sets

Within minutes of injecting ThermoWall into the cavity it sets to form a firm open cell breathable foam, which minimises air circulation within the cavity, preventing drafts and heat loss

Step 4

Clean Up

In weatherboard or similar claddings, injection holes are then filled using a custom made 2 pot filler. This forms a plug which is then sanded flush and painted with a coat of oil based primer and then top coated.

Step 5


Once we’ve injected the ThermoWall and filled the cavities, you will immediately begin to notice several significant differences including the ability to retain warmth or keep the house cool, increased dryness and a quieter healthier home.

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