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ThermoWall Wall Insulation

High performing foam insulation system specifically designed for insulating wall cavities in existing homes.

What is ThermoWall?

ThermoWall Foam Insulation is a great new non-expanding injectable foam insulation product for existing walls, ceilings and subfloors. ThermoWall is a water based, non-toxic open cell breathable foam and can be safely and easily installed by a licensed contractor in both residential and commercial structures using the latest machinery from around the world.

ThermoWall is affordable and perfect for small and large insulation projects. With the consistency of shaving cream, it expands fully before entering the wall, flowing through the wall cavity, and hardening in place as it dries.

When injected into a wall cavity it flows around the timber framing filling the cavity to form a thermal barrier. Nothing fills a cavity like ThermoWall. It does not create a fire hazard, and is a breathablewater repellant foam.

Our highly efficient ThermoWall wall insulation product has a tested thermal rating of R3.1/100mm and R.4.7/150mm. For more technical information please contact National Head office 0800 432 872.

ThermoWall Foam Insulation

Key ThermoWall Properties

Will not slump or sag over time
Shuts out drafts whilst allowing walls to breathe
Inhibits insects and rodents and treats the home or borer
Is able to be used to top up old existing fibre insulation
Sound Dampening properties
Reduces mould and dampness
Fire resistant and non toxic
Wont affect electrical wiring and plumbing

What is it made up of?

HeatSavers supplies the most technically advanced injection foam insulation products and equipment on the market today. HeatSavers products are a 2-part foam system that combine a unique spray-dried polymeric resin with a foaming catalyst to produce a “dry” foam that is unmatched in the industry.

All HeatSavers products are shipped to the installer where they are easily mixed prior to each job ensuring product freshness and consistency. When combined with compressed air using specialized equipment, the foam insulation flows throughout the wall filling any irregular voids and hard-to-reach spaces resulting in a building that is well-insulated, quiet and energy efficient.

All HeatSavers products are Class A Fire Rated. Testing by accredited laboratories shows compliance with NZ Building Code Standards, clauses B1, B2, C1-7, E2, F7, G9 and H1.

The injection foam products offered by HeatSavers do not use any ozone-depleting chemicals as part of their formulation. The blowing agent used for these foam products is compressed air.

For more technical information, please contact our National Head Office – 0800 432 872.

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